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About The Report

About the Report

As one of India's leading agro companies we at UPL Limited encourage a culture of integrity, transparency and accountability in all our business practices and activities. We take stock of our performance and strive to better it further. As we uphold highest standards of integrity and transparency our ethics and values form the very bedrock of our relationship with stakeholders and enable us to foster long-term partnerships.

Compliance with global guidelines

This report has been prepared in conformance to the GRI Standards 'In Accordance' – Comprehensive option. Wherever estimates are made, the assumptions and methodologies have been specified.

Reporting period and cycle

This is our second annual sustainability report and it discloses information pertaining to our sustainability performance for the period 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018. The last report was published for the financial year 2016-17. There have been no restatements of information presented in the previous reports.

Report boundary and scope

This disclosure pertains to operations that fall in the direct control of our organisation. Subsidiaries, joint ventures and associate companies where we have no operational control are excluded. The report discloses the performance of our headquarters located at Mumbai and global manufacturing and formulation plants. Entities included in the Company's consolidated statements are mentioned in our Annual Report 2017-18.

Stakeholder engagement

We actively engage with our key internal and external stakeholders seeking their views, concerns, insights and feedback for meaningful impact of our interventions. Interactions with the functional heads brought to light the major risks and opportunities for UPL. Material issues that affect our economic, environment, social performance were also highlighted through these dialogues and were taken into account in the disclosures provided.

Suggestions and feedback

We look forward to your comments, insights and feedback to improve our positive impact.

Please send your views to:

Dr. Mritunjay Chaubey

Global Vice-President - Environment & Sustainability

UPL Limited, UPL House, 610 B/2, Bandra Village, Off Western Express Highway, Bandra (East),

Mumbai 400 051.

Phone: +22 71528840

Email: mritunjay.chaubey@uniphos.com