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Organisation Structure


While we are known as one of the world's most competitive total crop solutions company, we are driven by our mission of emerging as a premier global provider of total crop solutions designed to secure the world's long-term food supply.

Our key drivers are efficient logistics, be it our hub-and-spoke distribution model, or our robust network of distributors that enables us to seamlessly distribute products and circumvent logistic bottlenecks. We have adopted a highly integrated approach such that key products also serve as raw materials for the synthesis of other products. This enables achieving qualitative consistency and cost-competitiveness. With a keen focus on research and development, we have launched more than 100 products in the reporting period. We have a market presence in 130+ countries across six continents, in the fast-growing agro markets of Brazil, India, Mexico, China, Australia, the US, Argentina, France and South Africa, among others.

Market Presence in

130+ Countries

6 Continents



Growth in revenue in spite of sectoral downturn


Increase in gross margins


Revenue from branded products


Increase in EBIDTA margin


Product registrations across countries


Patents awarded To Company

Started manufacturing red phosphorus


Entered the agrochemicals sector, started exporting products

Started production of yellow phosphorus at Ankleshwar


Acquired the UK-based MTM Agrochemicals to gain access into the European herbicides market, commenced operations at the Jhagadia plant, UPL's largest manufacturing site with a cumulative capacity of 240,000 metric tonnes per annum

Acquired Devrinol to gain access into the American, Japanese and rest of the world markets , operationalised a caustic chlorine manufacturing plant


Acquired SWAL to bolster scale and distribution efficiency in India , registered the first EMR (SAAF)

Acquired Reposo to access the Argentine market , acquired Advanta to foray into the seeds business


Acquired Cerexagri to enhance global revenues

Leveraged the global sales and marketing network of RiceCo, diversified into the Manzate fungicide business via dedicated manufacturing facilities


Acquired DVA Agro and SIB in Brazil to access the Brazilian market

Crossed 100 billion INR in revenues, introduced Unizeb Gold


Crossed US$ 2 bn in revenues, crossed 5,000 mark in registrations, merged with Advanta

Issuance of USD 500 mn bonds, by overseas subsidiary- UPL Corporation, as per 144A / Reg. S, with an investment grade rating from Moody's I S&P / Fitch


Issued bonds of USD300 million by an overseas subsidiary - UPL Corporation, under regulation S with an investment grade rating from S&P and Fitch

UPL's portfolio is designed meticulously with an overarching aim of being a one-stop destination to meet all the needs of farmers, and increase farm profitability. Our portfolio of total crop solution products are applicable for the various stages of farming- from seeds to post-harvest solutions. Our integrated solutions are classified as:


With over 60 years of experience of combining plant genetics and advanced technology, Advanta Seeds provides farmers with high quality seeds. Advanta's unique, superior and proprietary germplasm combined with technology and bioscience capability gives the company leadership position in sorghum (grain and forage) sub-tropical and tropical corn, sunflower, canola, rice and vegetables. Advanta Seeds deploys the leading crop technologies for added value traits, biotech and high quality oil and yield traits, diseases, pest and herbicide resistance and drought and salinity tolerance. Advanta Seeds strongly believes in engaging with and building long-lasting relationships with local farmers.


Crop Protection

We are committed to improving crop resilience through our product offerings, and are among leading global producers and exporters of crop protection products. We assist the agricultural sector mitigate pre-harvest and harvest risks by complementing their methods through our blend of herbicides- insecticides- fungicides- fumigants and fumigation technologies. Superior product quality and sustainable growth performance showcase our expertise in crop protection.


Adjacent Technologies

At UPL, we provide solutions to improve the primary and secondary issues affecting the farm sector. One of UPL's technology innovations- Biopesticide- the biological equivalent to chemical pesticides, which are eco-friendly. Another offering, called bio activators and adjuvants agricultural spray adjuvants enhance the effectiveness of pesticides and other agents that control or eliminate unwanted pests. Our adjuvant called 'U-Met', available globally, improves crop protection product effectiveness. We also deliver superior mineral and non-mineral nutrients to the plant in the most technologically efficient manner. To improve soil capacity and productivity, we have introduced a number of products that help in moisture retention and release, nutrient release, soil biotic habitat promotion and enhanced degradation resistance. Over time, these have become very popular across soil types, environment factors, crops grown etc. Zeba – a starch-based polymer – which, when applied to the soil, helps retain soil moisture and nutrients in the crop rhizosphere, released only following plant demand. The product enhances soil porosity and bio degrades easily, enhancing soil health. Another focus area is vector control, which is strengthened by our strategic alliance with Clarke – USA. We strive to address community needs through research and customized programmes.


Post-Harvest Solutions

We offer comprehensive post-harvest solutions across the grain, fruit, and vegetable sectors to enhance marketability and farmer incomes. Our Phosphine fumigation method for pest control has been acknowledged as the most effective in the world. UPL's QuickPhos™, coupled with its principal ingredient Aluminium Phosphide, is a solid potent fumigant. MagnaPhos™ active ingredient comprises Magnesium Phosphide with the palate of its ammonia-free formulation and fast-gas release being its most popular presentations. The QuickPHlo-R™ system is ideal in state-of-the-art application technologies and is under patent in most countries. DECCO (DECay COntrol) for fruits and vegetables is an effective post-harvest system trusted by farmers and packers across the world for decades. All ingredients used in DECCO manufacturing are approved as food-grade by the F.D.A, EU and P.F.A in India.


Biological and Biopesticides

Our agricultural biologicals is a diverse group of products derived from naturally occurring microorganisms, plant extracts, or other organic matter. As the need for solutions high on efficacy as well as environment friendliness becomes imperative, UPL is partnering with some of the leading companies in the space to provide a powerful range of crop protection biological.



Crop Protection


Post Harvest


Farmer Engagement