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Food-water-energy nexus solutions - UPL @WBCSD Council Meeting 2018

The Food-Water-Energy nexus describes the complex and interrelated nature of our global resource systems. As food demand grows, there is increasing competition for resources. Committed to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment as well as resources, UPL presented solutions to mitigate the impact of this nexus at the WBCSD Council Meeting on 23, October 2018, Singapore.

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UPL and Commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals

UPL is contributing to multiple UN Sustainable Development goals. We have undertaken various initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, empower the communities with education, sanitation and help them prosper with skill development, provide nutrition and ensure well-being of the farmers and protect and conserve the environment.

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United Against Child Labour

UPL's Advanta team is implementing a CSR initiative called 'United Against Child Labour'

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No more drought

15 drought-stricken villages are now a development model for the world

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